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Defines the resource views that should be created by default when creating or updating a dataset. From this list only the views that are relevant to a particular resource format will be created. This is determined by each individual view.

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If not present or commented , the default value is used. If left empty, no default views are created. You must have the relevant view plugins loaded on the ckan. Default value: png jpeg jpg gif. Google Analytics code. You can supply more than one folder, separating the paths with a comma ,. For more information on theming, see Theming guide. Note that each of these must be accompanied by the relevant settings for each backend described below. Deprecated, only available option is now pairtree. This must be used nonetheless if upgrading for CKAN 2. Only used with the local storage backend.

Use this to specify where uploaded files should be stored, and also to turn on the handling of file storage. The folder should exist, and will automatically be turned into a valid pairtree repository if it is not already. Deprecated, please use ckan. File formats that will be pushed to the DataStore by the DataPusher. When adding or editing a resource which links to a file in one of these formats, the DataPusher will automatically try to import its contents to the DataStore. DataPusher endpoint to use when enabling the datapusher extension.

If you want to manually install the DataPusher, follow the installation instructions. In case a DataPusher task gets stuck and fails to recover, this is the minimum amount of time in seconds after a resource is submitted to DataPusher that the resource can be submitted again. For more information, visit Email notifications. This controls the number of activities to show in the Activity Stream.

By default, it shows everything. Email notifications for events older than this time delta will not be sent. Hides activity from the specified users from activity stream. This user is used by ckan for performing actions from the command-line. The domain name or email address of the default publisher of the feeds and elements. To only offer a subset of these, list them under this option. The ordering of the locales is preserved when offered to the user.

If you want to not offer particular locales to the user, then list them here to have them removed from the options. If you want to specify the ordering of all or some of the locales as they are offered to the user, then specify them here in the required order. Any locales that are available but not specified in this option, will still be offered at the end of the list.

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Use this option if you want to use another folder. If you wish to add extra translation strings and have them merged with the default ckan translations at runtime you can specify the location of the extra translations using this option. You can specify the name of the gettext domain of the extra translations. If you have set an extra i18n directory using ckan.

By default, all datetimes are considered to be in the UTC timezone. Use this option to change the displayed dates on the frontend.

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Internally, the dates are always saved as UTC. This option only changes the way the dates are displayed. You can specify the special value server to use the timezone settings of the server, that is running CKAN.

Do not add spaces between the brackets. The host of your CKAN installation can be set via ckan. The purpose of this file is to supply a thorough list of resource formats and to make sure the formats are normalized when saved to the database and presented. A url pointing to a JSON file containing a list of license objects. This list determines the licenses offered by the system to users, for example when creating or editing a dataset. More details about the license objects - including the license format and some example license lists - can be found at the Open Licenses Service.

The email address that emails sent by CKAN will come from. Note that, if left blank, the SMTP server may insert its own. CKAN ckan No slash at the end If page is requested with https use https as root url e. This is used for pages that are marked as secure.

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This should be the directory this file is in. If you are working with a highly configured site that relies significantly on the old order of smarty processing, you may want to try setting this parameter to false. This setting will also disable browser css caching. Name of the server, username, password and a database with proper permissions should all be setup before CMS Made Simple is installed. This defaults to uploads. This only really needs changing if your host has a weird permissions scheme. These could be dangerous if you don't trust your users.

For more information, see:. La satisfaction client est la première priorité pour mSpy. Lorsque j'ai essayé mSpy pour la première fois, cette application a immédiatement pris une place inestimable dans ma vie de parent. J'apprécie également la possibilité de régler les paramètres et de pouvoir bloquer ou autoriser les contacts, les sites ou les applications de mon choix. J'ai également la possibilité de bloquer des contacts suspects, le cas échéant. Un bon choix pour des parents modernes.

Garantir la sécurité des enfants est essentiel pour tous les parents. Je le recommande fortement! Un de mes amis m'a recommandé mSpy. J'ai adoré! Cela me permet de surveiller mes enfants dans les flots tumultueux d'Internet. L'application est avant tout destinée à des fins de surveillance légales, et il existe de vraies raisons légitimes d'installer le logiciel. Les entreprises, par exemple, peuvent informer leurs employés qu'elles surveillent les téléphones professionnels par mesure de sécurité. Procédure : rechercher la racine de votre application Web. Override application root url not working.

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Qu'est-ce que mSpy? Comment cela fonctionne-t-il? Use the full power of mobile tracking software Surveillez les messageries Accédez au contenu complet des chats et des messageries sur l'appareil surveillé. D'ailleur c'est pas moi qui le choisi c'est Visual studio qui le fasse. Envoyé par Immobilis. Tu n'est pas sur le bon port par défaut.

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Il ne faut pas tester avec VS, mais sur un site de qualification. Cela peut être sur ton post mais pas VS. Override application root URL je l'ai pas. Quand je remplace avec ce que tu me dis j'arrive même plus à démarrer l'apllication j'ai l'erreur suivante :.

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